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Shreveport volunteers clearing debris for Hurricane Ida victims

HOUMA, La — Members of the Shreveport Volunteer Network, helping Hurricane Ida victims, were cutting their way south from hard hit Houma to a fishing camp in Cocodrie on Wednesday.

They hoped to clear away fallen trees, power poles and other debris so that a fishing camp could get back in business at the southern reaches of Terrebonne Parish by the gulf. They’ve also been clearing fallen trees from homes and property.


Three volunteers have had little rest the last four days, clearing roads so that residents, first responders and relief supplies can get through.

“Oh, man, unbelievable,” Keith Bryant described the disaster. “With a few hundred cuts we’ve rescued thousands of people. It’s terrible. I know that.


“We do it because that might be my mama some day. That might be my daughter. That might be my family member. That’s why I do it,” Bryant continued.

Volunteer Tommy Jiles said, “I do this because we love people. This is our state. We did it for our own city. And we’d do it again. And if we have the ability to have the resources and the network to do that then we’re going to do it.”

Then men have spent nights in their vehicles.

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